About Us

We are Latbc, a top technology consulting firm. Founded in 2003 in Mexico City, we have delivered over 17 years more than 250 successful projects in the US and Central & South America, with thousands of incredible collaborators.

We know data is limitless and will become the “the fuel of the economy”. We won't ever be as fast as the trillions of data points become available, but in our approach to recognize, correct and process fresh data, from Silos to Hub, from columns to rows, we can simultaneously move and process petabytes in just a glimpse.

Big is not enough in data, what matters is how you take action with it. Data can transform your processes. We can make data your rainmaker, the power, the engine, the fuel. We are beyond big data, beyond analytics. We are the future. We are committed to data.



“Disrupt technology to grow your business.”



“Make data your most intelligent partner.”



“We challenge CHANGE”.